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Dog body language and behavior: interaction in the dog park part. Add Video

Coach Mike describes the interaction of Lexy (West Highland Terrier) and another dog at the dog park. Coach Mike explains how the Tan dog gives Lexy her space and waits for Lexy to come and introduce herself to him. The type of patience and calm confidence the Tan dog shows, gives Lexy a chance to be calm and confident herself while introducing herself to him. Coach Mike also points out how at times it's more about the dogs' interaction when they first meet, rather than the owner. Furthermore, if the owner doesn't read their own dogs body language about how their dog is feeling, it can lead to a bad out come.

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All breeds welcome!

Currently located in Greater Boston area Eliminating confusion, while opening the lines of communication between the family members and their dogs, is what he does. He is the crucial link, because he understands dog behavior and human behavior. The most important part of his training is that it is REAL WORLD. On the street, in your home, in your car, in your neighborhood, at your vet, etc. He tailors each training plan individually, while changing two important aspects of human and canine relationships: expectations and associations. He uses a variety of tools (most of which fit into a backpack), tasks and approaches to acquire desired results. He wants YOU and YOUR family to be able to control your dog in all situations and circumstances.

The formula, motto and golden rule is always "Confidence. Patience. Consistency." Coach Mike is available for behavior modification, training, helping you pick out a dog or puppy for your family, and other canine related advice.

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