City Living Dog Services

Bringing people and their canine family members together through CONFIDENCE, PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY.

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City Living Dog Services 



City Living Dog Services is unique

Bringing people and their very important canine family members closer together is what I do.

Eliminating confusion, while opening the lines of communication between the family members and their dogs.

I am the crucial link, because I understand dog behavior and human behavior.

I tailor each training plan individually, while changing two important aspects of human and canine relationships: expectations and associations.

I use a variety of tools, tasks and approaches to acquire desired results.

I want YOU and YOUR family to be able to control your dog in all situations and circumstances.



They call me Coach Mike.

I believe that all dogs have a purpose and a job in life -- as a sheep herder, therapy dog, companion, agility, search and rescue, or a combination of jobs.  City Living Dog Services will fulfill your dog's needs while training them to become star members of the community.

I have worked with every different breed, shape, and size of dogs and a myriad of behavior issues.  I believe that through confidence, patience, consistency, calm energy, and exercise, all behavior issues can be addressed and taken care of. 

Helping dogs and people with any behavior problem is what I do best.  I tailor each training plan individually, as each dog and their human(s) are individuals.  


A few examples of unwanted behaviors:


  • Aggression towards animals/people/food/toys
  • Possessive behavior 
  • House training, barking, separation anxiety 
  • Nipping, mouthing, inappropriate chewing
  • Unruly or destructive behavior in the house, yard, or car
  • Poor social skills, leash manners, bolting, escaping




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