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Bringing people and their canine family members together through CONFIDENCE, PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY.

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Coach Mike

Coach Mike has been training dogs professionally for over fifteen years, and has been involved and fascinated with dogs his whole life.  He graduated from the Animal Behavior College in '08, and has volunteered for the MSPCA and UnderDog ResQ.  He has his own amazing dogs that are in training for various areas like service and therapy. 


He incorporates many different training techniques, based on positive training methods and dog psychology to modify and change behaviors that are needed in our busy human world.

We use the help of our surroundings for real world training.  People, other dogs , sights and sounds of the city are all training tools.


Mary Alice

Mary Alice has loved dogs all her life.  She has worked in animal supply retail where she has met and learned from dogs of many varying temperaments.  She is currently working towards her training certification.

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