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Quotes Coach Mike is an amazing man. Better than the dog whisperer, better than Uncle Maddy, better than anyone I have ever dealt with. I rescue dogs from all over the country and wish I had met Mike a long time ago. He is always available to answer texts/emails/concerns, and is very understanding with my questions and problems. My dog Frankie was severely abused in his previous home, and Coach Mike helped me to not feel bad about his past. We are working on the food aggression, and I am working on my personal development. Coach Mike read my soul like an open book. I am forever grateful and in debt to this wonderful and kind man. I can't say enough good things about him and his skills with people and dogs. He even helped my rescue cat to feel comfortable around Frankie. I would say his golden touch is unmatched and works. Proof is in the pudding, as they say. Thanks Mike, you are the best. I wish you the most success and let us know if we can help. Quotes
Anne-Marie and Frankie
The best

Quotes If it wasn't for Coach Mike, I'm sure my wife and I would be divorced by now because of the dog. He actually saved our marriage, home (literally and figureatively), sanity... He's going to be wildly successful in the dog and people biz. He makes it all make sense. Do your part with your dog, and it all falls in place. Quotes
Gibson family
More than a dog trainer - a psychologist and marriage counselor

Quotes Mike has found his calling, anyone would be blessed to come across his path. Humble but not proud a Man of his word and someone who truely loves the dogs. Quotes
Professional The Real Deal

Quotes This guy is a real life hero. We have been through at least 5 different trainors, none of them could help our rescue dog. Mike 's tactics worked INSTANTLY. I wish we met him sooner. We highly recommend him to everyone we meet, Quotes
Larry C

Quotes Hi Coach Mike. What magic! I can finally get Rocky to take a bath, walk on a leash,, and get in the car with no problems. My daughters finally love having a dog. Thank you Quotes
Rocky is a new dog

Quotes Hi Coach Mike! Thanks for helping us with Tigger, you are a life saver! We always have amazing interactions with you, so glad you decided to do a website. Looking forward to seeing you again soon! Quotes
Melanie and Tigger
We love your work