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Bringing people and their canine family members together through CONFIDENCE, PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY.

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We are pleased to announce Obedience Classes being offered near you! 



Rates and Services

One-on-One Training Sessions 

For One-on-One sessions we will meet at your house and I will work with you and your family on any behavior issues that need attention. 

Packages deals available 

                                                       Group Sessions

Perfect for friends and neighbors that want their dogs to get along and be well behaved members of their community.  Also really helpful for those that bring their dogs to work.

Package deals available, please inquire


                                                   Obedience Classes





                                                       Sanity Saver

I arrive to your event/dinner/etc and train with you, your dog and guests.  That way you no longer have to put the dogs outside or behind a baby gate while you entertain.  For example; Thanksgiving, dinner dates, poker night, birthday parties, etc

Please inquire for more information and current availability






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